Bajakah Root

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The name Bajakah, a wild plant in the jungle of Kalimantan, Indonesia.

The roots of the plant itself have used for traditional medicine by generations since long time ago until now.

Here are the facts behind the efficacy of the roots of pirated plants:

1. Plants live in the forest.

This plant can only be found inside the forest.

The tree grows by propagating despite having a strong and quite large trunk. The propagation of this tree can reach a height of more than 5 meters to the top of another tree.

Its roots also pierced at the bottom of the peatland water flow. This tree can only live in lush locations where not much sunlight enters, covered by lush forests.

At first glance, the tree is like an ordinary tree, difficult to distinguish from other plants.

2. Considered a mystical plant.

Bajakah is a typical plant of Central Kalimantan which has long been used as a cure for hereditary cancer by the ancestors of the Dayak tribe.

Until there was an assumption from the local community that identified the plants that were wholesome and mystical.
"This plant is always identified with mysticism. However, based on the results of our laboratory tests, the content in this plant can indeed cure cancer, “said the Doctor of Health Treatment, Indonesia.

3. Have antioxidants.

Bajakah wood is a plant that is used as a cure for Cancer.

Head of the Bio Chemistry and Molecular Laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lambung Mangkurat (FK ULM) Eko Suhartono did not expect, when offered researching pirated wood there were many content of antioxidant compounds in pirated wood that could function against cancer cells.

"The results of research in the lab, which is clear this pirakah has compounds that can act as antioxidants which can also act as anti-cancer,"

4. Cure stage four breast cancer.

Daldin, a native of Dayak tribe in Gunung Mas Regency, Palangkaraya, a family with stage four breast cancer, said that his mother had stage four breast cancer for more than 10 years.

Her mother was convicted of stage four breast cancer in the 1970-1980s, causing her breasts to ooze pus.

In fact, the doctor asked his mother to have surgery immediately. However, the mother refused and chose to return home.

Daldin said, his mother could recover completely after consuming boiled water from the root of the rose plant that her father was looking for in the middle of the forest.
"In just two weeks of reaction, a month was completely recovered," Daldin said when interviewed exclusively by Aiman Witjaksono, host of the AIMAN program on Kompas TV, Tuesday (08/13/2019).
In order to get optimal results, it is recommended to consume steamed water rooted wood 3 times a day. Every time you drink it takes 10 grams of bajakah root and adequate hot water for one glass for a drink.

Bajakah plants are claimed to contain 40 kinds of phytochemicals that can cure cancer including: Flavonoids, Phenolic, Steroids, Saponins, Terpenoids, and Alkonoids.