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Let’s talk about Green Borneo, also known as Green Vein Borneo. We’ll talk about the origins of this unique plant, where the name comes from and what it means, why people like it, and what makes it a popular choice compared to the many other strains of Kratom out there.

What is Borneo Kratom Powder?
Borneo is a type of Kratom that comes in different varieties, noted for their different color veins. The colors of the veins help to determine the effects of that particular strain.

Some reviews state that Borneo varieties of Kratom have more of an analgesic effect, along with helping with relaxation and mood, pain relief, anxiety, and more. It can vary from person to person, and depending on the strain.

We offer no advice or diagnosis, and this page should not be used to diagnose or to treat any type of illness. Speak to your doctor if you have health concerns.
We want to share information about why people around the world are interested in Kratom, based on reviews and experiences they’ve shared online.

Where Does it Come From?
Green Vein Borneo comes from Indonesia. There are old-growth forests there, where the locals carefully and meticulously harvest this popular plant. There’s an art to picking the correct leaves, you want to pick them when they have grown large enough to have fully developed their alkaloid profiles for maximum potency and efficacy.
A major difference between higher and lower quality Kratom comes down to how and when it’s harvested, along with how it is processed.
Historically, Kratom leaves have been used medicinally, in particular for its analgesic and pain relief properties, but it’s also been used for energy, mental focus, and more.

Why Is Green Borneo Popular?
Different strains of Kratom Powders have their own unique appeals. Some people like the sedative properties of red vein, others like the mental aspects of white vein. Green vein users often report that it has a mixture of both, and it can also vary by dose.
Users looking for a mixture of relaxation, energy, mental clarity, and motivation will often turn to a balanced Green strain, but what does the color have to do with anything…?

What Does “Green Vein” Mean?
If you look at the leaves before they’re processed (dried and ground up into a powder), you’ll notice the veins (kind of like a root-system for the leaves) are green for this particular strain. When you have a red strain, or a white strain, the veins will be colored accordingly.

There is some confusion, for example if someone buys red vein kratom, and sees that the powder is still green colored – but that’s normal! It doesn’t refer to the color of the overall leaves, just the veins.
Lab tasted and high-quality Kratom will often have the stems removed. They still have alkaloids in them, but at a lower quantity, so essentially if you end up with Kratom that’s filled with stems, you’re paying the same amount per weight, but getting a less effective product.

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