Vanilla Bean

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Product Details
Best Type of Indonesian Vanilla: Mild & Well Balanced

Quality : Vanilla Grade A
Type : Vanilla Tahitian & Planifolia
Moisture : 25-35%
Lenght : 15 -17 up
Origin: Indonesia

Where does vanilla come from?

Vanilla comes from the string-bean-like pod of a climbing orchid, whose greenish-white flowers bloom briefly and are without fragrance. Since the blossoms last only one day, they must be hand-pollinated exactly on schedule. The beans mature after 6 weeks of fertilization, but cannot be harvested for some months longer.

When the vanilla bean turns ripe, the farmers plunge the beans in scalding hot water to stop the ripening; they dry and process them, using sweating boxes, blankets, racks, and ovens; and slowly cure them in the sun for six to nine months to bring the moisture content down to around 30%.

The glorious aroma and taste don't adorn the growing plant. It's only as the beans ferment to wrinkled brown pods and that famous robust aroma starts to fill the air.

How do I use vanilla beans?

First time cooking with whole vanilla beans? No problem! This is the best way to use vanilla in its most pure and unrefined state. To use a vanilla bean, simply grab your favorite cutting board and sharp knife. Cut each end off the vanilla bean. Next, slice through the vanilla bean lengthwise. Do not be afraid to use some force here as vanilla beans can have a tough skin. Now that the bean is cut into halves it's time to remove the paste from inside the vanilla bean. Hold your knife perpendicular to the bean and scrape. It is that easy!

What makes a vanilla bean "Gourmet" or "Grade A" quality?
This is a very popular question for anyone who is new to using whole vanilla beans. Most stores or suppliers only carry one type of vanilla bean, thus the customer never has the opportunity to compare.

Vanilla bean quality is determined by moisture content, bean length, and condition. Moisture Content is one of the most important aspects of high-grade vanilla. Grade A (Gourmet Grade) vanilla beans are extremely moist. Oils should be visible on the outside of the vanilla bean and the bean will leave a residue on your fingers after touching. Vanilla beans with high moisture content will be soft to the touch and highly flexible when bent. It is common to see the oils extend from the vanilla bean when packaged in vacuum sealed bags. This is a characteristic of extremely high-quality vanilla.

The vanilla bean length is also an indication of vanilla quality. Grade A vanilla beans are typically over 6 inches, or 15 cm, in length. Vanilla beans offered Beanilla often reach 8 inches (20 cm) in length. Grade A vanilla beans should also be flexible and soft to the touch. Vanilla beans that appear to be stiff, split, or cracked are considered Grade B or Grade C.

Beanilla was created out of the frustration of not being able to obtain truly Grade A vanilla beans. Each package of vanilla beans is hand-packed by well-trained vanilla connoisseurs to ensure excellent quality of every vanilla bean.

NOTE : The prices list are considered to the weight/amount of the order.

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